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8 “R” Strategies for moving Application to Public Clouds 

  • Rehost : Also referred as « Lift and shift ». Benefit are quite low. Not taking advantages of Cloud services
  • Replatform : Application and data are migrated to a different target technology platform. Architecture is not changed
  • Repurchase : Use a SaaS in the market. Replacing with a different solution
  • Refactor : Internal redesign and optimization of existing application. Usually targets Paas and Saas
  • Rearchitect : One step above refactoring to leverage multi-cloud target environments
  • Rebuild : Rebuild a new cloud-native application from scratch. Leverage with new tools and frameworks
  • Retire : Application is retired or decommissioned. Usually follow up when origin application is refactored, rearchitected, rebuilt or repurchased
  • Retain : No change. Application stay where it is

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    Credit: Multi-Cloud Strategy for Cloud Architects by Jeroen Mulder

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